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And So It Begins: New York Sending Out Gun Confiscation Notices




New York’s SAFE Act is a bad, bad thing. It requires people to register, sell or transfer (out of state) “assault rifles” and “high capacity” magazines. Many Empire State gun and standard capacity ammunition magazine owners have complied. Many have not. So, at some point, the State’s gonna go get ‘em. People on both sides of the law enforcement divide will die and the s will hit the fan. Meanwhile, there it is: the reason why expanded background checks, indeed all background checks and any type of registration, set the stage for confiscation. And tyranny. [ED: This notice was sent for New York City residents, based on New York City laws, not necessarily SAFE Act provisions.] [h/t DrVino]

 Responses to And So It Begins: New York Sending Out Gun Confiscation Notices

  1. avatarOrton Fallswell says:

    At least we live in the land of the free, unlike those poor slobs in Afghanistan.

    • avatarVendetta says:

      That letter represents no freedoms. 3 .22s and dude gets a threatening letter from the guvmint? Wrong-o. Time to be moving to… Anywhere else. Except New Jersey. And California. And Illinois. And… I just got a little scared.

      • avatarBrandon says:

        I think you missed the sarcasm in the comment.

      • avatarRicky Ross says:

        Just keep telling yourself that we live in the land of the free and that our troops keep fighting and dying for our freedoms and liberties! Truth of the matter is, if our troops were really fighting and dying for our freedoms and liberties, they would be fighting the only entity that has/is/will continue to stomp on our rights/freedoms/the Unites States Constitution >>> The U.S. Government!

        This is why the conditioned/programmed military worship has grown to all time high levels. By proxy, your worship of them and their REAL duties, breeds more and more of the loss of freedom and liberties for the citizens that worship them!

        We were warned about this…

        “Of all the enemies to public liberty war is, perhaps, the most to be dreaded because it comprises and develops the germ of every other. War is the parent of armies; from these proceed debts and taxes. And armies, and debts, and taxes are the known instruments for bringing the many under the domination of the few. In war, too, the discretionary power of the Executive is extended. Its influence in dealing out offices, honors, and emoluments is multiplied; and all the means of seducing the minds, are added to those of subduing the force of the people. The same malignant aspect in republicanism may be traced in the inequality of fortunes, and the opportunities of fraud, growing out of a constant state of war . . . and in the degeneracy of manners and morals, engendered by both. No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare.”

        – James Madison, April 20, 1795

        • avatarRichard says:

          Us “mindless drones” people like to call us in the military will fight the government. Except me here in Wisconsin will not fight for New York, California or any other libtard state. If the people ALLOW their state government to do this that’s on them.

        • avatarCliff H says:

          There has been some discussion over the last few years about secession and the supposition that the War Between the States and some SCOTUS decision has determined that there is no legal authority for a state to secede after once joining the Union. This is pure legal bullshit, actually, since any society is premised on VOLUNTARY association and the very purpose of the Declaration of Independence was to describe the time, place and reasons for dissolving political bonds.

          However, is there any legal precedent for kicking the bastards out? Can we come up with any plan for New York, New Jersey, Illinois, California, etc., whereby we can legally and Constitutionally say that since they have determined to no longer govern according to The Constitution of the United States of America, which they have all sworn an oath to uphold, that they are hereby EXPELLED from that union?

          Just sayin’.

        • avatarRich Grise says:

          Cliff H says:
          “However, is there any legal precedent for kicking the bastards out?”


          And it’s a Kinder, Gentler™ approach than full-on secession:
          It’s called Nullification.
          “Easton, KS Passes Ordinance to Nullify Federal Gun Control”

        • avatarJim says:

          Hey Richard.. you are losing your sight picture. NY is not a libtard state.. it’s primarily controlled by Libtard NYC.. the rest of us don’t give a &$*# about NYC+5. We are fighting back..

        • avatarRobert W Seymore says:

          Instead of shooting the gestapo who willingly follow these unconstitutional orders go after the bastards like bloomberg first. They have not the balls to come themselves. Resistance is a must otherwise you give up your freedom without a fight there vBulletin Will be deaths but that’s the cost of freedom. Piss on new York and bloomberg especially

      • avatarjonAQ says:

        Come to seattle!!!

      • avatarOdell says:

        Come to Texas. We love hunters, sportsmen, gun collectors, everybody except criminals.

        • avatarMindy says:

          Move to Phoenix Arizona you can open or conceal carry here without a permit and hell if you feel like you can walk down the street with these long rifles including your AR-15 if you want too. No one will say anything. We love our gun owners here. We welcome you any time.

        • avatarRich Grise says:

          Is it possible to rent a room w/kitchen & toilet in or near PHoenix for $300.00?

        • avatarcheryl says:

          Hell yeah we r having our annual deerfest next weekend. Come join us in ozona texas.

        • avatarles says:

          that is true Mindy i live in tucson but i do have license to carry and i really have to say to the people in new york stand for what you believe so what you believe will stand you are FREE MEN AND WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • avatarsteve fox says:

        move to Kansas we love guns and gun people

        • avatarMax Friedman says:

          Kansas gave us Kathleen Sebelius, the Typhoid Mary of healthcare. Not sure I want to live in a state that is literaly flat, has people like Sebelius and those who voted her into office as Governor, and is located in the middle of nowhere.

          Even Dorothy and ToTo left Kansas!

      • avatarMike38 says:

        Vendetta, why would you include Illinois in that list? I’m sitting here smack dab in the middle of Illinois and have somewhere in the vicinity of 20 rifle magazines that hold 30 rounds, around 10 pistol magazines that hold 15 rounds. All perfectly legal right here in Illinois. This state is not the friendliest state of the Union for guns, but it’s far better then New York.

        • How long will Illinois remain that way though?

        • avatarMike K. says:

          I am so glad someone said something in defense of Illinois. I HATE this state’s politics and agenda’s, that I can promise you. I can also promise you that if they wanted to start sending out notices like this here, there would be a revolution inside Illinois’s borders. 3/4 of the state would be heading to Cook county, and stop in Sangamon on the way up. You can see that our gun owners/supporters here are growing more bold. We will have our first CCW permits rolling out before summer next year.

    • avatarJoe says:

      Free, huh. How’s that. Have you ever thought seriously about the concept of freedom. A free man wouldn’t have the state trying to impound his 22 because it holds ten rounds. Ironically, in Afghanistan, he wouldn’t have the government after him.
      This once was a free country, but I wouldn’t call it that now. Land of the free home of the brave has become land of decree and home of the slave.

      • avataruncommon_sense says:

        “Land of the free home of the brave has become land of decree and home of the slave.”

        I am going to shamelessly plagiarize that statement as often as possible.

      • avatarConcealed Cary says:

        Anytime I hear the word, “allowed” or “permit”, I question that thing about freedom.
        We’ve come to think that freedom comes from obedience to the rules. That’s how it is in prison.
        But true total freedom has risks, including anarchy. So we live by the “rule of law”, assuming the laws are righteous and fair.
        It’s when our legislators cross the line, from working for us to working against us, that we will have to regroup and pose a challenge against our government(s).

        • avatarMatheus Grunt II says:

          When the laws are not Constitutional, we have no duty or obligation to obey them and those who are enforcing such non-laws are breaking their oaths and the Constitution, therefore, they have become criminals. Just like the elected and other appointed officials who do what they want, make up regulations, codes and non-laws that do not exist in agreement to the US Constitution/Bill of Rights. So if they want to order people surrender their weapons due to illegal laws, let them come and take the sh-t from your hands and stand up for your rights. Shoot the bastards dead and injure as many as you can until they either kill you or you can get out of there somehow safely and run until you can do something else. Either way, I’d rather die on my feet as a freeman than die on my knees begging for permission to have weapons and be free.

        • I teach that the Constitution and rule of law should be governed by the Principles of Respect, Independence, Stewardship and Self Government established by the unanimous Declaration, our Supreme founding document.

      • avatarPablo says:

        I’ve been going with “The land of free shit and the home of the slave.” Either one works, I suppose.

        • avatarsomeone who has a brain says:

          so dumb, and no one needs any more than 5 bullets unless they are a bank robber i agree with this law

        • avatarLisa says:

          Dear “Someone who has a brain”- have you ever actually held a gun? There aren’t any guns with magazines that hold less than 5. That was written to try to fool people. The “no more than 5″ clause is the government’s way of banning them all. Hello… they just cited this guy for owning 22′s and called them assault rifles. In case you’re not familiar with 22′s, it’s what people use to shoot mice & squirrels. Wake up from your sleepwalk and stop repeating the lies of the government.

        • avatarMichael G Marriam says:

          Lisa, You assume too much when you assume an anti – gunner is capable of original thought. They all claim reasonableness but emotion is the antithesis of reason and all anti – gun arguments are based upon emotion and have no basis in fact. The proof of this is self evident in that all the oath breakers use fear, that most basic emotion, to justify their violation of our civil rights.

        • avatarMindy says:

          @someone who has brains don’t move to Arizona because your dumb ass would be to scared to leave your house. I live in a land where you can walk down the street armed to the teeth like Rambo and walk into a bank and no one will say shit to you because its perfectly legal as long as their is no sign on the door saying no fire arms allowed inside. I have seen it done many of times. Hell I even saw a guy running on the tread mill with his hand gun strapped to him loaded and had 5 loaded 15 round magazines each. You don’t need a permit to carry open or conceal here. Welcome to the Wild West mother f*****! We don’t put up with liberal bullshit in my state!

      • avatardonaldkaferlein says:

        impeach obama

        • avatarBlackbird says:

          impeach all the bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!! We’ew taking our country back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • avatar1stGenRex says:

      Those “poor slobs” are allowed to own and keep the firearms listed above.

    • avatarwhit says:

      Ugh, an AR-7 is a Henry US Survival…which ironically used to be made in NYC not that long ago.

    • avatarAndrew says:

      The only reason Afghani’s are not free is because our fuckin government is killing them.

      • avatarPat says:

        Afghans are free to live in the 6th century, as long as they don’t support terrorist organizations who try to force the rest of the world to do so by murder. Remember, most Afghans were/are being murdered by their fellow muslims who have joined terrorist organizations. Wise up.

    • avatarJay Hanig says:

      Or New York.

    • avatarmdc says:

      The poor slobs in Afghanistan are guarding poppie fields and being used.

    • avatarjane says:

      @ Orton Fallswell Free?!? Are you kidding me?!? We’ve lost more freedom and liberties since Clinton was President than I care to mention. Especially in the past 5 yrs since this foreign Muslim has been in the white house!

      • avatarsomeone who has a brain says:

        hey ignoramus! obama has been an amazing president

        • avatarellzee says:

          You call yourself “someone who has a brain.” Congratulations. How does it feel to have your brain up your ass?

        • avatarJoe Bob says:

          Your not even worth the drunken sailors semen that dripped down your dads chin, loser !!!

        • avatarsurfdog says:

          Amazing at what? Enslaving the nation even ore? You ever fire a gun or serve in the military? If not, SHUT UP liberal shit for brains!

        • avatarkevin says:

          WHAAAAAAAT????? You’re kidding…..right? All he has done since usurping the office of President of the United States of America, is try to undermine the constitution and LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What fantasy world are you living in?

        • avatardonaldkaferlein says:

          amazing at doing nothing but stripping your constitutional rights away

        • avatarDB says:

          Obama has done nothing but assure the end of this nation as we know it. More people than ever are on food stamps
          and public assistance. Over half of the nation is now dependent on the gov’t for at least part of their income. Now
          everyone who has ever served in the military or supported the constitution has been declared by Obama to be the
          greatest threat to national security the country has ever known. We, the people, who raised our hands to affirm we will
          defend the Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic are now public enemy number 1. I think its that
          enemy…..domestic that scares the shit out of Obama as those who actually served to protect the constitution and the
          American people are the ones who he fears the most. Why else would he allow the NSA and HMS to do what they
          have been doing.
          Look at what happened when the temp extra $7-11 dollar food stamp boost expired. People damned near rioted.
          That’s the small spank the gov’t wanted to give the people to show they could also take it all away. The average
          grocery store has 3 days of food available and the warehouses ditto. In 6 days if the Gov’t desired there would be no
          food and the cities of America would burn and the welfare society the democrats and RINO’s has encouraged will
          begin to come to the burbs to take what is theirs (so the gov’t says).
          In the end, like all parasitic infested animals, the host will die unless good people become politically active and either
          start a 3rd party or insist the republicans support real conservative candidates.
          In the mean time keep your powder dry and hide your guns. They will be needed later.

        • avatarBlackbird says:

          That is correct: a government big enough to give you everything you want, is a government big enough to take away everything you own. Many people are too stupid to know that, but I guess that’s on them. I for one will be here to defend The Constitution, my home and my loved ones. After all, my Bill of Rights says that I have the right to protect life, limb and property!!!!

        • avatarMarcusAurelius says:

          Very true. I find myself routinely amazed. Now if only he were actually a GOOD president as well.

        • avatarBlackbird says:

          Yeah he’s been a great president alright, if you’re pro-communist, you MORON, It’s people like you that deserve whatever they dish out.

    • avatarJenna Veeve says:

      Ya think??

    • avatarUSMCVeteran says:

      I kind of view New York as NewYorkistan.

    • avatarNew Hampshire Grown says:

      You guys from NY should be moving to New Hampshire we are holding the line with our gun rights. The more like minded folk move here and we can vote them out and make this a ’2nd amendment refuge state’.

    • avatarDave says:

      The restiction above is a NYC code. Has nothing to do with the safe act. NYC has had some of the toughest firarms law in the country for over 20 years. All the liberal attitudes down there are crazy and uniformed about crimes with weapons.

    • avatarjoepet says:

      S.O.S. When the government first got here they gave the Native Americans trinkets and beads, took their lands and confined them to reservations. Now they give cell phones and food stamps and enslave them on the Democratic plantation. They need to start a war or confiscate the ability of the people to fight back. When I was a young man I often wondered how the people of Germany allowed their government to do all the horrible things hey did. We are about to witness those things with our own eyes. Will we have the courage of our fathers to stop it?

      • avatarDB says:

        Most of the population won’t dare nay say the empire. They might get their welfare checks cut. Look at the moaning over $7′s a month. The rest of us have been labled enemy of the state because we are eith vet’s or have the nerve to actually work and support ourselves. Rome fell because to few romans (city of rome) actually worked and no one wanted to defend the reilm. Slothfulness and persuit of earthly pleasures were more important. Its whats currently hapening in the US.

    • avatarBillMiller says:

      A police state is a small price to pay for living in a free country.

    • avatarjoe blow says:

      a hole land of the free is long gone fool. It is time to reboot.

  2. avatarGreg in Allston says:

    But they keep on telling us that nobody wants to take our guns away. This must be a hoax to foment unrest amongst the bitter clingers.

    • avatarAnon in CT says:

      Nobody NEEDS a .22lr bolt action rifle. From a squirrel’s perspective, that’s a weapon of mass destruction.

      Over to you FUDs.

    • avatarSalty Bear says:

      Key word being “want.” They don’t want to take our guns, but they will if we don’t turn them in.

    • avatarAmanda says:

      Like they said you could keep your insurance if you liked it and could keep your doctors if you liked them… saw how well that turned out, eh?

    • avatarRich Grise says:

      And as I like to say to the Puritans who want to ban porno:
      “You can have my penis when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers.”

  3. avatarRoll says:

    Very sad, if you havent left the slave state of NY yet, do so now. You dont live in a free country.

    • avatarBillF says:

      This looks like a NYC decree, not a product of the NYS SAFE Act. NYC has a 5 round limit where the NYS SAFE act generously allows 7 rounds. It’s Bloomberg trying to get one last f*ck in before moving on to being a bigger nuisance with more time on his hands. Eventually NYC decrees will leak out of Bloomberg’s toxic bubble and into the rest of the state.

      • avatarTommy Knocker says:

        Happens all the time. Folks in the rest of country don’t understand that New York State and New York City are not one in the same. Big difference in people and attitude between New York up by Canada or out in the farmlands by the finger lakes, and some shit hole in Brooklyn. That NYC from a legal standpoint generates its own laws separate and distinct from the State. Bloomberg has nearly absolute control over the 8 million people in his town.

        • avatarJenna Veeve says:

          Same goes for Chicago and the rest of Illinois, which they so kindly call “Downstate Illinois.” We Downstaters are so outnumbered, we have no voice. And we pay their taxes.

        • avatarJared says:

          And we keep hearing this is the best system in the world. It sounds like NYC enslaves NY, Chicago insulates IL,and L.A. enslaves CA.

          It seems like things will get worse and worse.

        • avatarslicer87 says:

          South NJ is like that too. North NJ is like a different country than South NJ, and North NJ treats us like crap and they have most of the power in the state. North NJ also worships NYC and hates Philly while South NJ hates both NYC and Philly. In South NJ we call people from NYC the great unwashed.

        • avatarjason says:

          even out west here in co. liberals in denver screw the rest of the red blooded mountain folk with laws we dont want. thats why we have already recalled at least two elected officials already and more recalls on the way.

        • avatarDB says:

          Ditto here in MD. The liberals in Baltimore/and Annapolis force their liberal antigun agenda laws down the rest of the states throats. Almost all of the gun crime is in Baltimore

        • avatarDB says:

          In Denver there is more pot dispensaries than Starbucks coffee houses. As long as the liberal freaks keep getting
          their dope they will keep electing these shitheads. The whole state needs to secede from Denver and not allow
          anyone to emigrate from Denver into the rest of the state unless they can prove they are a conservative.

  4. avatarfreakshowSMVM says:

    Hope he gives em more than 5 when they come.

  5. avatarST says:

    Old news .In the 90′s ,California decided the SKS rifle was a registered AW and mailed out fliers to Mr. and Mrs. America to hand em in-or else.

    In that instance, the “or else” meant a denied drivers license renewal .

    • avatarTaylor Tx says:

      I can just hear that C.ee U. N.ext T.uesday fienslimes voice when you say mr and ms america and its creepy ha

  6. avatarRob.G says:

    Firearms? Nope, I sold them all. Honest…

    • avatarJim R says:

      Better have proof. Otherwise the boys in blue will be paying a visit. And by paying a visit I mean they’ll break your door down, hold you and your family at gunpoint, shoot your dog and search the entire house. And you better pray they don’t find anything, not even a spent casing.

      • avatargs650g says:

        Let’s see them do that to 100000 owners. Sooner or later something will go wrong. Then the bad news happens.

        • avatarMBer says:

          The storm troopers are out raiding homes in California. They recently doubled their budget. Pretty frightening. One home at a time.

      • avatarsteve fox says:

        they better pray I aint at home. let me die in a pile of brass because I will turn it all in 1 round at a time.

        • avatarFrank B says:

          Get some Steve!

        • avatarRich Grise says:

          I wonder how the TeeVee nooz will spin it. Will we make whoever goes first a Martyr to the Cause?

          “He Died to Save our Guns!”

        • avatarMichael G Marriam says:

          Rich, I’ve found, to anticipate the future look to the past. Consider how long it took media to start to cover the black on white crime spree thats been going on for 2 years and even now they are in denial about its true nature. Whatever comes to pass with regards to firearms confiscation will most likely never be accurately reported no matter how many law abiding gun owners end up dying for the common good.

  7. avatarRydak says:

    Dear god….this is awful.

  8. avatarPeterC says:

    No response necessary..other than “Argo” and “Nunya.”

  9. avatarPascal says:

    I do not know why anyone is surprised. Wait until January 1st and see what CT does as well.

    There is no other reason for registration and all the reasons I have heard from politicians are just BS. For example, if you are going in to serve a warrant as an officer do you not already assume the person is armed and dangerous or you count on a registry that you know is more than likely wrong?

    All stupid excuses for the unthinking masses that cannot think or read beyond a headline.

    This will not end until some people end up dead and then the courts will hopefully decide for the 2nd amendment. I will blame Obama for his continued policy to divide the country and to give false hope and make believe change. At current trend, he will not be happy until Israel is destroyed as well and we may be screwed in the Pacific sending an inexperience ambassador to fend off the Chinese. Nothing this president has done will end well.

    • avatarAnon in CT says:

      It’s really a double-registry, since any guns bought retail were already registered.

      I have got to buy some vacation property in NH or PA.

      • avatarSuburban says:

        I don’t know how long PA will be a safe haven. Philadelphia and Pittsburgh voters can be relied upon to vote for the biggest lefty stooges in the election. If you can believe it, 59 districts in Philadelphia voted unanimously for Obama, with not a single vote for Romney.

  10. The big question is will TTAG proclaim that these people who did not obey the law and register their guns as “idiots”, “narcissists”, or “asking for it”.

    • avatarHenry Bowman says:

      Didn’t you know that most folks, including many here, believe that The Law is sacred? It is a sin to break The Law, and if you don’t like it, your only option is to work within The System to change The Law.

      • avatarlarry rayser says:

        the only laws that are sacred are gods laws most state and federal laws are put in place for the profit and gain of the government

    • avatarTaylor Tx says:

      Well, as a whole we are law abiding, law respecting citizens here, so I dont think name calling would be fitting for those who choose to stay in NY and give in to the bullshit. But at what point does a law become unlawful and invalid?

    • avatarron smith says:

      I would say patriot! A .22 should never be recalled. Or any gun for that matter. Rise up and vote out the idiots and don’t turn in that gun!.

      • avatarEvan says:

        How do you vote them out when you are the minority in a population that simply will not pull their heads out of the sand. People always say “vote them out,” but how do you do that in a losing battlefield like NY. I can’t say I know the answer, but I’m sure the people there have tried to vote them out, and it’s only gotten worse. Sure keep voting, fight the statists on all fronts, but I don’t think that only working within the current system is going to work moving forward. We can’t keep beating our heads against the same wall.

        • avatarAnonymous says:

          I agree with Evan. Majority of New York City dwellers are sheep and they are proud to be so. They are ignorant and know nothing outside their own slavery. You cannot vote anyone out in this situation. The solution is the rest of New York to separate from NYC. Again the ability to do this likely does not rest with voting. This is really not a comfortable solution to the rest of New York so the only real solution is to evacuate oneself from the horde to a different state.

        • avatarHowdy says:

          You vote them out or move.

          Better yet, change the game, just like they do. A minority of all voters got 2 senators recalled in Colorado.
          The people who are voted in need to be held accountable for their false representation of their constituency and to the Constitution.

          If not now, when?

        • avatarMr. Pierogie says:

          Vote them out of office in NYC? And who’s going to do that? They just elected a Democrat for mayor, so expect things to get worse, not better.

        • avatarHannibal says:

          What is funny is that, thanks to the Sullivan Act, NYC is free to ignore the rest of the state when it comes to gun laws. So an upstate gun owner who goes through the hoops to get a carry permit cannot carry in NYC. And yet someone with a NYC carry permit can carry anywhere in the state, and the laws established by the five boroughs (like the Safe Act) are burdened on everyone.

          Some are more equal than others.

        • avatarCliff H says:

          Read “Atlas Shrugged”.

          If they hold all the political cards and you cannot vote them out at the ballot box you must vote with your feet. All the productive citizens must vote in the most effective way – Go Galt! Once a government has become this corrupt the only solution is to STOP SUPPORTING THEM and remove yourself from any activity that provides aid, comfort and tax support for that government.

          When you are outnumbered by the “Moochers” you have no possibility through democratic elections of overcoming the altruist politicians who confiscate your productivity and hand it out to non-producers in order to buy their votes and retain power. Only when you shrug off that load will you be free and that corrupt civilization implode.

        • avatarMichael G Marriam says:

          Sounds like a plan to me.

      • avatarHal J. says:

        The majority of NYC voters, upon seeing a SWAT team invade a house and kill a gun owner who has an “arsenal” of illegal guns, will say, “Good! I fell safer now.”.

        How do you overcome that at the ballot box?

        • avatarMichael G Marriam says:

          Here’s my fervent prayer: Deblasio makes things so bad in the Gulag that so many people leave that the number of communist representatives in state government goes down. After that we have to get all the non – semi gun owners in the state to understand that their liberty is under attack too. Btw you bow hunters – it’s your battle too.

        • avatarJus Bill says:

          More like “The cops just raided that nice guy next door – the one who never bothered anybody and shoveled old Mrs. Clancy’s sidewalk and stoop every Winter. That’s BS. F*** THEM!”

    • avatarrolling says:

      Unlikely, Leonard. However, I will be glad to keep calling you an “idiot”, a “narcissist”, and just plain “asking for it.”

      Your ridiculous trolling is usually slightly more subtle than this.

  11. avatarSimon says:

    5 round limit? I thought the limit was 7. Do they even make any modern semi-automatics that hold only 5 rounds?

  12. avatarHenry Bowman says:

    It seems like the requirement to submit a statement of where the firearms will be stored outside of NYC would be a violation of 4A.

    Additionally, wouldn’t the burden of proof reside with the state? I don’t have to prove that I’m in compliance with the law, the state must prove that I’ve broken it.

    • This sounds right. Also, there is a very big difference between receiving a letter in the mail and having the police knock on your door. I’m wondering how far the nanny state will take it.

    • avatarRed Sox says:

      I agree, it would sort of be like being stopped on the street and the authorities checking your “papers” to make sure you’re not the wrong ethnic group or something.

    • avatarCliff H says:

      Not that they give a shit about the Constitution or the Bill of Rights, but just responding to this form is an obvious violation of your Fifth Amendment right: “…nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself…”

  13. avatarBob says:

    I thought the SAFE Act addressed the magazines, not the firearms? Those firearms can be loaded with a magazine of various capacities, some 5-or-under and some 6-or-over. Isn’t the correct remedy (compliant with Bloomberg’s fevered dreams) to surrender the 6-or-over magazines? Why is the justification for coming after the firearms?

    • avatarEvan says:

      Because it isn’t really about the magazines. They don’t want you to have it period so if they use the excuse, “well it could accept a larger capacity magazine,” it gets one more gun out of the hands of law abiding citizens. It puts them closer to their goal of complete disarmament.

    • avatarBillF says:

      This decree is a New York City product–not NYS SAFE Act.

  14. I’m confused. I don’t know much about the NY SAFE Act, but it appears that this person has to remove his rifles from the “gun free” zone of NYC. So, he can store them at a relative’s house one mile outside of the city limits and this would be okay? Is there a carve out in the Act regarding NYC? How does this make sense?

    • avatarJus Bill says:

      “How does this make sense?”

      It doesn’t. That’s what everyone here has been pointing out. And which seems to be lost on NYC and Albany. And a few other state legislatures.

    • avatarBillF says:

      The letter is a NYC generated letter, referencing NYC laws–not the SAFE Act. The referenced guns are allowed by the SAFE Act but not NYC law. NYC has no carveout–just a few additional layers of restrictions. So he can take them out of NYC and store them elsewhere in the state. I know, it’s hard to believe there are more restrictive laws than the statewide SAFE Act.

      • avatarCliff H says:

        What you say about NYC and not SAFE act is absolutely true, but if NYC/Bloomberg get away with this what are the odds that Albany will attempt a similar move?

    • avatarPablo says:

      If it’s capable of holding more than 7, can you transfer it to said relative under SAFE?

  15. avatarron smith says:

    How about F U. This is exactly why we don’t want registration. Are you serious… a .22 is a kids plinking gun not a terror tool! Fing idiots.


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